Link Building

So you need to build some links? maybe I can help.

Over the last three years, I’ve worked across a wide variety of subjects including personal finance, travel, motoring and lifestyle to build quality editorial links from top-tier publications like The Sun, The Express, Lonely Planet, Yahoo, AOL, and Huffington Post.

Here’s how I do it

I start by taking a look at your site to identify ‘Link-Worthy’ content – infographics, blog posts etc. – and prospect for journalists and other online publishers that I think might be interested in your content.

Need some help creating linkable content?

From there, I track down their contact details and reach out to these people on an individual basis. I don’t send generic email templates, I send each person a tailored pitch. A personalised email explaining the story and why I think its relevant to them is by far the best way of securing links.

While creative campaigns are fun, looking at broken links and unlinked mentions can also be an effective link building strategy.

Unlinked mentions

Your brand/company may be getting mentions on quality websites, but how annoying is it when they don’t include a link?

One way I find link opportunities is by simply monitoring brand mentions and reaching out to authors, journalists, editors and reach out to see if they’d be open to including a link in the coverage.

Broken link reclamation

Building links is difficult, so it’s really frustrating when hard-earned links disappear.

By finding broken links to not just your site but to your competitors as well, I’ll contact webmasters to quickly reclaim links while also taking links away from competing sites.

Looking for some help with link building? get in touch via the form below or drop me a message on Linkedin.