The key to building links is to create content that people WANT to link to, and certain types of content earn links easier than others, we call these “Linkable Assets”.

A linkable asset is a piece of content created solely with the intention of attracting links.

But what makes linkable assets linkable?

For something to be link worthy, it needs to offer value to the audience. For example:

  • It provides a solution to a problem;
  • It answers a question;
  • It offers unique insight into a subject;
  • It’s something their audience would find interesting

With three years of experience in creating linkable assets, I can help you with creating your own link-worthy content to target top-tier media.

Need some help building links to existing content?

Types of linkable assets include Infographics, GIFographics, Map-o-graphics, Interactives, Online Tools & Calculators and Data-driven Blog Posts.

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